"One size" specified items can be done in a special size for you. 
Please write me an email with your request.
As every BIJOUX COQUETTE is made to order,
it is important for me that your jewel fits perfectly.



Here are some simple ways to find out what your ring size would be.

1. Go Into a jewelry store.
The most accurate way to measure your ring size
is by a jeweler with a ring sizer.

2. Measure the inside diameter of one of your rings
and refer to the size chart below to find out your ring size. 
If it happens to be in between two sizes
I suggest you order the larger of the two sizes.

Inside diameter 15.3 mm
= Ring size 48

Inside diameter 15.6 mm
= Ring size 49

Inside diameter 15.9 mm
= Ring size 50

Inside diameter 16.2 mm
= Ring size 51

Inside diameter 16.5 mm
= Ring size 52

Inside diameter 16.8 mm
= Ring size 53

Inside diameter 17.2 mm
= Ring size 54

Inside diameter 17.5 mm
= Ring size 55

Inside diameter 17.8 mm
= Ring size 56

Inside diameter 18.1 mm
= Ring size 57

Inside diameter 18.4 mm
= Ring size 58

3. Click on the ring sizer pdf.
Print this page at 100% (check the scale by measuring the logo).
Cut out the ring sizer.
Cut a slit along the dotted line.
Roll the ring sizer with the numbers facing outwards.
Slip the end of the ring sizer through the slit.
Tighten the strip around your finger until it is snug but comfortable.
Read your size.



To obtain the size of the bracelet,
please measure your wrist at the rarrowest part, 
just underneath the bone, toward hand side.

Wrist 14.5 cm = Bracelet 15.5 cm
Wrist 15.0 cm = Bracelet 16.0 cm
Wrist 15.5 cm = Bracelet 16.5 cm
Wrist 16.0 cm = Bracelet 17.0 cm
Wrist 16.5 cm = Bracelet 17.5 cm
Wrist 17.0 cm = Bracelet 18.0 cm
Wrist 17.5 cm = Bracelet 18.5 cm